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SEO (short for “search engine optimization”) is perhaps the single most important factor in growing your business through digital marketing channels. SEO works by identifying and reaching your most qualified prospects, leading them to your website, and converting them into paying clients or customers. SEO is also critical in building your online footprint and search engine ranking. Proper SEO execution directly correlates to your search engine ranking. The more authoritative your website appears to search engines, the higher your site’s ranking. Simple as that!

Our SEO strategies – which comprises content campaigns and keyword research – are tailored to deliver stellar results for both on-page and off-page SEO. This ensures your target audience will find your business online effortlessly.

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Our SEO Services

With DigiTech Sol’s comprehensive SEO services, you will be able to optimize your online presence and appear at the top of search engines, right where the clients will see you. Using multiple touchpoints to drive qualified prospects down the sales funnel, our SEO Agency grows your business via multile effective solutions. Our goal is to ensure that potential customers are compelled to click on your website when they find you online.

Competitors Research

A great way to discover who your competitors are in your field of expertise is to do competitor research. A competitive analysis analyzes a company’s major competitors currently and in the future, assessing their positioning, strengths, and weaknesses. Our SEO Company can provide you with valuable insight into your competitors’ activities, which will help you adjustrefine, and stay ahead of your competitors.

Keyword Research Services

Keyword research aims to help you with locating relevant keywords that potential customers are looking for. This is a must-have service for each SEO campaign. But identifying the keywords that improve your business will take time and energy. You’ll need to collect keywords, arrange it into a spreadsheet, conduct a search intent analysis, and then remove any keywords that are not relevant. Comrade SEO Agency is here to help you do exactly that.

SEO Strategy Development

When creating content, an SEO strategy can help you stay on track. By identifying the type of content your audience wants, you can create content that meets their needs. Comrade is an expert in that. Our SEO Company will do a full-scale SEO analysis to determine the state of the market and develop an ROI-oriented SEO strategy aimed at revenue growth and new customer acquisition.

Local SEO Services

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your company visible for geographically related searches, specifically within Google’s Local Pack (or map listings). With Local SEO Optimization Services Comrade SEO Agency can help you increase online visibilityrank higher than your local competition, attract more traffic and increase sales.

On-Page SEO Services

On-page SEO are search engine optimization services that optimize your site’s ranking in search results on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Experts at our SEO agency take a deep dive into your current strategy. We look for what’s working and what doesn’t, providing you with SEO professional services and actionable feedback, including goals for keyword research, meta tags, and more.

Link-Building and Off-Page SEO

Many of the top-ranking factors happen off your website. It means that these ranking factors aren’t solely controlled by the publishers. It is vital to continuously improve the performance of your website using On-Page and Off-Page SEO. Comrade SEO agency will make sure that you’re getting the right buzz, helping build links from high-quality websites in your industry.

SEO Content Marketing

Content is king in the age of Google SEO, therefore you need content marketing services for developing strategycontent toolsevaluation, and analysis required to aid in the execution of digital marketing efforts, marketing programs, or campaigns. Comrade SEO company will make sure that you receive high-quality, compellingrelevant content as part of our SEO services.

Online Reputation Management

Technical SEO is very important to your website optimization. The typical services offered by a technical SEO agency include a wide range of actions aimed at removing the most frequently repeated errors in the site that can negatively affect its ranking in search engines. We will do everything to remove all inconsistencies and make your website run fast and smooth.

SEO Analytics and Reporting

SEO reports are crucial in understanding how potential customers interact with your business and the best way to help convert them into regular clients. A reputable analytics report should provide you more than the data dump of spreadsheets and numbers. Comrade’s experts will use all the modern tools available to determine what, exactly, your website issues are right now and present a plan of action.

SEO Consulting Services

Your target audience will find you online if your web content is optimized by Comrade’s SEO consultants. As a partner, we can not only increase your organic traffic and conversions but also help you rank well in search engines. Providing businesses with third-party, data-driven feedback have been the cornerstone of our SEO consulting services for over 10 years.

SEO Audit Services

You might not be getting results from your SEO for a variety of reasons. When your SEO campaign doesn’t deliver the ROI you need, or if you’re struggling to attract high-quality leads from search results, it’s time for a full-scale SEO audit. To create a long-term SEO strategy that contributes to your website’s success, our SEO Agency performs a comprehensive website SEO audit.

Mobile and Voice Search Optimization

Everyday people use their mobile devices and voice programs to surf the web and buy different goods. Today, smartphones comprise one-quarter of the web traffic online. Do you know what number of visitors are you losing since your website’s not designed for mobile? Comrade can help you make your website mobile-friendly and voice search optimized and, as a result, increase customer retention and grow sales.

Wordpress SEO Services

Are you trying to boost the SEO of your WordPress website? Or maybe you are creating a brand-new site? A revamp or maybe you’re moving from a CMS? When you’re creating or moving your site, you’ll want to collaborate with an expert to make sure that your SEO is maintained and will add any improvements. Comrade, with a more than 12 years of experience in the field, can help you create an SEO strategy for a WordPress website that will take you to the top of search results.

eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO provides online businesses with expert, customized SEO solutions for your eCommerce website. These include Shopify SEO, Magento and WooCommerce SEO, and working with custom platforms. We at Comrade SEO Agency can help you promote your products and services throughout the world. Our SEO experts are ready to help your eCommerce business grow, get global exposure, attract new customers and generate more revenue.

Mobile and Voice Search Optimization

You can rank your franchise website at the top of search engine results with franchise SEO. The importance of SEO lies in the ability to attract prospects to your website and convert them into paying customers.

Our SEO agency has the necessary expertise to see how SEO strategies can differ for a variety of franchisors and their franchisees and guarantee them the revenue increasebetter client acquisitionmore traffic and conversions via ROI-oriented Franchise SEO solutions

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Cost of SEO Services

The cost of SEO services depend on a few factors, including what your market competition is like, and how aggressive your own marketing campaign will be. Some businesses may choose to invest conservatively, opting for a “slow and steady wins the race” approach. Other companies may choose to invest heavily from the outset of an SEO campaign to accelerate their growth. No matter which route you choose, however, SEO is considered by industry experts across the board to be the best digital marketing investment you’ll ever make in your business.

Our SEO solutions are custom-designed for your unique business and market landscape. Costs typically range from $1,500 to over $6,500 per month. Industry reports indicate that the average ROI for SEO campaigns ranges from $3.75 to $7.00+ for every $1 spent on SEO. The range correlates with the aggressiveness of your specific campaign. Best of all, SEO ensures long-term success for your business.

Are You Ready to Maximize Your Google SEO?

If you’re ready to work with a team of top-rated SEO consultants in Chicago, IL give us a call. Before you even have to make a commitment, you’ll receive a custom-tailored SEO Optimization strategy for your business.

Why DigiTech Sol Is the Right SEO Company for You

Through carefully analysing your data our SEO experts create a clear SEO growth plan to help you capture top rankings on the search engine results and dominate your market with complete SEO services from our company.

Customer Centric Team

We place ourselves in customers’ shoes and organize our KPIs in line with their requirements. Monthly SEO reports packed with information, which allows you to monitor the progress we have made. We are constantly seeking new ways to innovate your campaigns with the help of analytics and data, to maximize exposure, lead generation, and ROI.

Team of Experienced Veterans

DigiTech Sol has a vast team of online marketing experts with over 50 years of experience in the industry combined. Our lead SEO specialist alone has over 20 years of personal experience in different fields. Specialists at our SEO company come from all walks of digital marketing life and are recognized by industry standard-bearers. Our team has won multiple awards for excellence from such companies as Clutch, UpCity, FWA, and many others.

ROI-Driven Services

At DigiTech Sol we understand that a client wants tangible results and see their business expand. We also understand that return on investment is particularly important when evaluating work done by a marketing agency. Our SEO agency focuses our work on high ROI solutions, that include, but are not limited to, SEO, PPC, email and content marketing — tools, that provide impressive returns.

Finding New Ways to Improve

SEO is a very flippant creature. It always changes, improves, adapts. Any SEO company is always in sort of an arms race with search engines to get the most out of them. Our experts always keep a hand on a pulse of the latest changes Google and other companies do to their search engines, what new techniques there are and looking for ways to improve and leard, so we always stay on top.

Web Design & Digital Marketing Questions our Clients are typically Asking

We calculate a monthly retainer fee based off of the hours required for your project. Once the total number of hours for the lifetime of your campaign is calculated, our search engine optimization agency converts them into a retainer fee. Fees are due at the beginning of the month.

SEO is a long-term strategy, and can take anywhere from 3-4 months before you start to see real results. But the growth is durable, sustainable, and cost effective, ensuring that your business is being shown to your customers first.

For our clients, we provide a full set of SEO optimization services. From the initial SEO audit to ongoing support, we handle it all. Besides providing a detailed strategy for SEO both on and off page, we also create compelling and engaging content.

We make sure that all clients we work with see the growth that their business deserves. Through our web SEO company's smart strategies, it’s our goal to see your business rise to the top of Google’ search results.

There are many facets to SEO, and it constantly changes. The highest quality and most current SEO services are available when you work with SEO consultants such as ours. Our guaranteed SEO services help customers grow over the long haul as well as save money by avoiding in-house campaigns that aren't optimized for search engines.

Your website will benefit from both SEO and pay-per-click advertising, allowing you to position yourself as an authority in your industry or niche. The return on investment from SEO is often higher than those from paid media. To get it right takes time and resources, but the long-term rewards are immense and sustainable. That's not to say SEO is cheap and easy; it does take time and resources. When it comes to delivering the best possible results, SEO and PPC usually work together.

An SEO agency can help a company increase its SEO game, resulting in streams of revenue. Search engine marketing experts are convinced that investing in an SEO company is an integral part of their finances. This is due to improved results in search engine searches. As a result of hiring an SEO company, the company will not only bring in profits, but will also be able to dive into a pool of work opportunities. The visibility of a business is also essential. Using a search engine optimization company is the best way to do so. It will be worth it in the end to spend money on an SEO agency.


With our SEO audit you will get the following:

In addition, you’ll receive a high-level SEO strategy tailored to your business completely free of charge.

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